Q&A w/ Seannie Cameras


Judge Mental: What’s up with you man?

Seannie Cameras:
Man, I ll tell you…I’m glad it’s Friday! It’s been a stressful-ass week…Fucking(Can I cuss?) computer needs to be taken in for repairs, my car died, my Blackberry(4th since July) get’s another virus, and dies, etc. etc. How are you?

Judge Mental: I’m good. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Seannie Cameras:
Well, my name is Seannie Cameras(born Sean O’Grady) of One Viisiion Productions…Basically, a media assassin, cloaked in the guise of a full-scale production company..We love doing music-related project’s, music video’s, docuemntaries, concerts, tour video’s, viral, commercials, video marketing, corporate, etc. etc. anything you can shoot and get paid for with a video camera…I also edit on Final Cut Pro, have graphics guys, DVD authoring, etc…I do photography as well, same genre’s as aforementioned, with some glamour, weddings, pin-ups, nudes, event, concerts, press photo’s, tear sheets, etc. etc. anything you can shoot with a still camera…Seeing a pattern?

So, that’s my company, I also work for Video In My Backyard(www.vimby.com) out of the Los Angeles area…If you’ve been under a rock, they are a website that has a stronghold on urban-demographic web entertainment, producing original content and video’s, and maintaining different blogs on the site…We cover musicians(hip hop is the most successful), artists, boutique hotels, boutique fashion lines, interesting people, places, surfer’s, skateboarder’s, etc. really, anything that’s cool…We showcase tastemaker’s and become tastemaker’s ourselves, it’s a beautiful thing, all the while getting a little love as a Preditor(Producer, Editor, Director)…

I’ve also been working a lot with another DC-based production company D Dot Films…We have shot a bunch of events and concerts together, and have recently teamed up on some music video’s in the past year…We shot a joint with Sirius Jones back in the July, did another one with a band from North Caronlina/DC called, Hammer No More The Finger’s, and local-DC-instrumental celebrities, Caverns…

Judge Mental: How did you get into the business?

Seannie Cameras:
Man, “Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why did Judas rat the Romans, while Jesus slept?” Just kidding, I got into photography and graphic design/marketing/web design in high school, after sports for a year…It was four courses broken into TV production, photography, graphic design, and web design…It sucked because, it was during the weeks of the Columbine disaster, where we got bomb threats everyday before school, and the class was first period…Either way, I loved videography/photography/art from then on, and graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s in RTV…Didn’t do shit for me, and still hasn’t…I ll get into that another time…

So, I came home and farted around all summer, and had no job…I got exposed to the Baltimore hip hop scene at the this point, and wanted to delve into the DC one, hard…So, I picked up a camera and bought a computer and hit the scene, woring on a documentary of the DC hip hop music scene, called Metrospective…Doing this for a few years, I met a lot of people, a lot of artists, and worked with a lot of crazy people…I was part of a lot of start-up urban/hiphop themed entertainment companied during this time, such as: RHN (RIP), The Breakdown TV/Itshiphop.tv/onloq.com (RIP), In The Streets/In The Mixx w/ Dj Universal (RIP), etc. etc…Once I re-gathered my life a little, I was sitting at home one day, and was scouring over Craigslist jobs, and came across this ad for VIMBY…I read the description, which fit me and my life to a “T”, and started to send in applications and resumes hand-over-fist…After not hearing anything back from them for awhile, I started to get impatient and pissed, frankly…I felt I could contribute to their website, for the DC area(they didn’t have a Preditor in the area) and could lock down content out here, for them…So, one day I put together a little video piece I did on Tabi Bonney, and posted it on their Myspace comment box, all heated! I wanted to be heard, and this was our last chance to make it work, and two hours later, I got a call from one of the producer’s out in California…We chopped it up for a little, and he greenlit the Wreckfest @ Tiffany’s video I did…That was a little over a year ago…

Judge Mental: What do you think the district offers that other places don’t?

Seannie Cameras:
It’s the most important place in the world, everything…Great springs, great music, foilage, music, art scene, bar’s, neighborhoods, suburbs, beaches an hour away, mountains an hour away, mad culture, history, etc. etc. How’s Oklahoma treating you! Not so good, is it…

Judge Mental: What are some of the best events you’ve covered in the city? And please, any interesting stories in that regard.

Seannie Cameras:
There are too many stories to tell! There was definitely a wild night with Ron Artest and his entourage of artists from his record label, and I mean, his entire stable of artists…As far as events in the city go: Inked Souls W/ Art Whino & Tagur Shoes(New VIMBY video on the way, shameless plug), Wreckfest @ Tiffany’s, Inauguration event @ The Stussy Store this year was bananas and got to re-link with my personal barber, Bun B(See photo)…Any event that I was a part of at Club FIVE (RIP) was always dangerous, and fun as shit….Any and all of the Steez Promo and Organized Theory events, namely Starscape…Favorite gigs usually out of town gigs, and touring…

Judge Mental: What’s it like being in the position that you’re in with Vimby? The only DC representative.

Seannie Cameras:
I’m just honored that it’s me that get’s to be the ambassador…Music, and the DC scene have been a big part of my life for so long, it’s so nice to be able to give something back, on a larger-scale to the artists that I respect so much, and the area that is my home…

Some people may feel that I’m overlooking them, but I will get to you, eventually! I’m working with people that I know right now, and that I want to help put on, I want to help put the entire area on, but sometimes it get’s a little over-whelming…I’ve managed to take care of a few artists I respect(Soulstice, Oddisee, Educated Consumers, etc.) and have a lot more to go, which is good, cuz I’m always working on a project for them, usually more than one…Next up is a piece I did on a visual artist in Orlando called Terribly Odd(Superdope!), my boy DJ-Idee from the Trooperz Crew, up-and-coming prog-metal chanteuse Marnie Stern, and Panacea of course…Plus, 5 more have been greenlit…

Judge Mental: What should we expect to see from OneViisiion in the furure?

Seannie Cameras:
Wow, definitely more VIMBY pieces on the DC area(and beyond’s) favorite up-coming artists, be on the lookout for the ones I just mentioned, and if you haven’t seen the Tittsworth piece yet, then get off the interwebz!!! Definitely some more music video’s from Pat and I…Hopefully got one coming with Dezmatic out of Albany, another with Educated Consumers, in talks about doing one with the Five One Band, and Violet Says Five…I’m doing an installation for Artomatic this year, which is exciting, it’s my first time(I don’t know what to say here?)…Ummm, I would love to jump on another tour as soon as possible, hint hint…Doing a trek to NYC and LA eventually to do some VIMBY pieces and hopefully some more, music videos…Until then, uploading videos and working on photos, trying to get promo off the interwebz…

Judge Mental: Anything else you’d like to add, now is the time.

Seannie Cameras:
I just want to say how much I appreciated the look for Vinyl Meltdown, to give me this opportunity to stand on my soapbox and big-myself up a little bit, much appreciated…

If you are an artists, and you feel I can contribute to your success, and you got DOE!!! Holler, www.oneviisiion.com is the URL, and oneviisiion@gmail.com is the email…Peep my portfolio on the website, or on my Flickr @ www.flickr.com/people/oneviisiion I hope your curiosity is piqed enought to check the bands and groups mentioned, also…Stay blessed, peace and progress…

Judge Mental: Give some shoutouts man!

Seannie Cameras:
Shouts to the Judge(obvi), ma dukes, my brother’s fam and my lil neice, everyone in the DC scene doing something positive for the area, too many to name, you all know who you are…Peace to the fam over at Def Jux, Invisible Flow, Steez Promo, Organized Theory, BeTa Raz Entertainment, Inner Loop Records, the 930 Club, DC9, ++ at The Reef, the porch @ Sousi, Ray Ray and Big Steve in lockdown, Mathew Lesko(IT’S FREEEEEEEE!!!), to the peeps in Baltimore, crabcakes and Boh’s, David Dobkin(crabcakes and football), KB/Raw P/K-Murdock @ Subsoniq on Sirius/XM, the bartender’s at my neighborhood Clyde’s, Jameson, Slimer & The Pandamonium from Violet Says 5, and deaf kids I saw moshing @ V5′s last show at the Red and the Black…Chuuuunnkkkk…

-Seannie Cameras-

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