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Anti-Smoking Commercial

Love the animation on this video. It reminds me of that group Time Machine’s video for The Unfortunate Twist. I’m just a sucker for good animation. And this is good animation. peace, -the judge BTW, vacationing right now so the posting level has gone down. Should be back up to speed come monday.

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Ill Bill – My Uncle

Never been too wild about Ill Bill. Something about his voice. But I love him for this. I’ve always had a problem with the way drugs are so glorified in the rap community (I’m generalizing, but still). To do a song this outright, this honest, this straightforward, and this passionately opposed to bad drug habits [...]

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Radiohead – Reckoner (video)

Radiohead – Reckoner – by Clement Picon I love this song. And, its been all over as of late. Whether it be the Gnarls Barkley cover I posted a while back, the remix contest, and now the video. The animation in this is really well done. Its as beautiful and eerie as the song is. [...]

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Superjail Season Premiere!

In case you weren’t aware, Adult Swim’s new series, Superjail, premieres tonight on Adult Swim. The show centers around a jail designed to hold the most dangerous criminals in the world and offer them “alternative” methods of rehabilitation. This is easily one of the most hilarious shows to be featured on the network in a [...]

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Hayzee – Press Start

This is the video for Press Start, off of Hayzee’s mixtape Next Level. The mixtape is cool; it uses a lot of 8-bit programming, and samples to great effect. But this video really does take it to the next level (puns). The animation is great, and overall the video just really entertains. Check out the [...]

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Project 10^100

Pretty cool video and project founded, by Google (10^100 is the number Googol for those unaware). If you have good ideas, head over to the site to submit them. And for those without brilliant ideas, just sit back and enjoy the classy animation. peace, -the judge

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I Met the Walrus

Just saw this earlier on ti$a’s blog. Not only am I interested in what John Lennon has to say… but the animation is really nice. Thumbs up on this. peace, -the judge

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Good Morning!

kanYe’s video for Good Morning is now available in a quality video. It had previously leaked into the internets in the form of one of those shaky recordings of a projection. But now it’s here for real, and its great. Takashi Murakami is one of my favourite visual artists, and his animations are always so [...]

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Momma’s Boy

MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News Favourite song off Chromeo’s Fancy Footwork now has a music video! Boy am I happy. I have to say, Chromeo has some amazing music videos. I think they would be cool dudes to hang out with, they seem to have great taste in pretty much everything. Anyways, enjoy! [...]

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History Video

Stole this from Kesh. I have to disagree with her(and the maker of this video), and say that I really did not enjoy History class. I would have if it were more like this video. This guy should animate a music video or something. Enjoy! -the judge

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