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Method Man & Redman – The Blank (Dangerous MC’s WaxEOM remix)

WaxEOM never take a break. EOM changes the vibe of one of the better tracks off of Meth & Red’s latest album (which is dope btw). It’s less frantic, jazzier, and a lot more chill. Wax comes in at the end and adds his 2ยข to the mix. He definitely fits right in with Meth [...]

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Redman & Method Man – 4 Minutes to Lockdown (feat. Raekwon & Ghostface)

The second I saw the tracklisting for the album, I knew I needed to hear this track. Some classic Wu Tang right here. All 4 MCs go in on this. I’m not gonna say who I think went the hardest, but feel free to comment. The beat is perfect for this track. I really don’t [...]

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Method Man & Redman – Ayo (video)

Shoutout to OnSmash for the premier. Dope song off the upcoming “Blackout 2″ which is scheduled for later this month. Not too much to the video, but it’s pretty nice. I’m really enjoying the song though. peace, -the judge

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Meth and Red – City Lights (feat. UGK)

Redman and Method Man are going to be dropping Blackout 2 this summer. And it seems like they’re as on point as ever. I had a chance to see them around Thanksgiving, and it was a really great show. Those guys are nuts. This is a bit of an unexpected collaboration in my mind, but [...]

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