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ArtOfficial – Gone

As you very well know, we’re big fans of ArtOfficial here at Vinyl Meltdown. They’ve been hard at work on a new project which will feature a ton of new cuts only previously available in Japan and a number of instrumentals and renditions of familiar favorites. Check out “Gone” from their new project, which will [...]

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Tiesto x Sneaky Sound System- I Will Be Here

Tiësto and Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here via SuperFuture Check out this new vid from Tiesto’s upcoming album featuring some scenes from Tokyo. I was at some of the spots in this vid less than a week ago! Crazy. Dueces.

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Nicolay – Lose Your Way (feat. Carlitta Durand)

This is the first leak off of Nicolay’s upcoming City Lights vol. 2 – Shibuya. The album drops on September 15th, and has 2 more tracks that feature Carlitta Durand. The vocals were written and arranged by Phonte. Shibuya is a district in Tokyo, that apparently inspired Nicolay profoundly. As an admirer of Japan and [...]

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Art Official- “Big City Bright Lights” & More

Art Official is officially one of my new favorite groups. Considering they’re already big over here in Japan, its no surprise that they’re due for another huge year in the US. Using a style similar to some of my favorite artists who blend Hip-Hop with Jazz, I’m pretty inclined to like them, honestly. Art Official- [...]

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The Kid Daytona in FLJ Tokyo

The Kid Daytona recently got a 5 page spread in Tokyo’s FLJ magazine. It’s a great look for him. And the shoot came out really fresh. Vinyl Meltdown loves Japan, and speak a little Japanese between me and In[di]visible (who’s kicking it in Saporo right now). But I don’t know enough to translate the article [...]

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Katamari Forever

I’ve always been a fan of Katamari Damacy and this upcoming release in the series looks to be quite fun. Its in High Definition 1080p for the Playstation 3 which probably means you’ll never be able to appreciate how visually striking it will be. I’m hyped. Roll on.

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Graniph World T-Shirt Design Award 09

Head on over to enter!!! Now!! Yep.

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Teriyaki Boyz- Serious Japanese

Chances are, you’ve heard the three (four?) singles from this album already. Beyond that there are a handful solid tracks. The introduction has will pretty much give you the gist of the album in about two minutes: A strangely blended mixture of organic and inorganic sounds, with a somewhat jarring juxtaposition of Japanese and English [...]

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Teriyaki Boyz- Zock On! (ft. Pharrell and Busta Rhymes)

I had no idea Busta did a song with them. Wow. Regardless, this song kinda goes. I’m worried though that their newer single (see “Work That”) is a tad to similar to this song. Whatevs. Check out their album when it comes out next month. There are a couple of bangers on it. Also, Pharrell [...]

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Ni No Kuni

This is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS. Its a collaboration between Studio Ghibli, and Level 5 . The animation in game looks so beautiful. Probably the best use of th DS so far. The game is a fantasy that centers around a 13 year old boy who gains access to a parallel world. [...]

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