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DangerMouse – In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins X Pharcyde mashup)

I usually keep the site to new stuff, but lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it, and good music is good music. Doesn’t matter when it came out. And although the focus of the site will remain on keeping you up to date on what’s new and poppin’ I will be making [...]

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Beastie Boys – Too May Rappers (feat. Nas)

Yes, that’s right. Beastie Boys and Nas on the same track. It might seem like a weird collaboration, but it actually works really well. Nice simple production on this track with excellent drums really sets the tone for this track. It’s got kind of a classic Beastie Boys flavour, but it still feels decidedly modern. [...]

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Nas & Damien Marley – Distant Relatives (teaser)

Afrikan (and Afrikan inspired) music has been all over the place lately. From Vampire Weekend, to Femi Kuti, to The Very Best, to K’naan, and a bunch of others. No complaints on this end. I’m loving it. Above is the EPK for the upcoming Nas & Damien Marley album Distant Relatives. Below is a snippet [...]

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9th Wonder – Beat for Nas

This sounds epic. I hope Nas uses this. peace, -the judge

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has-lo – YCLTAIMMI

You Can Live Through Anything If Magic Made It. That’s what the long acronym means. And what it is is a remix project by Has-Lo. It’s all classic tracks remixed by has-lo. The new beats are all really nice. There’s a nice diversity of sound on here, from the smooth and jazzy on his remix [...]

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EmAy – A.D.D.

This is a post both to promote a wonderful mixtape, and to introduce the newest member of the Vinyl Meltdown Family, EmAy (pronouced just like M A). EmAy is a producer/rapper based in Ontario, Canada who’s got styles for days. His debut mixtape, A.D.D. (Altered Dynamic Dimensions) is a mixtape of remixes and blends of [...]

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Melo X – Google Alerts (Nite n Day Melo-eclipse)

Melo-X hit’s us with his remix of Day n Nite that’s been teasing his fans for about a week. Does not dissapoint. He definitely put a very unique spin on the original track which he says he considers “modern day classic.” I’m loving this beat, it’s so simple and really downplays the synths of the [...]

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Nat King Cole – The Game of Love (feat. Nas & Salaam Remi)

I recently made a post with a video explaining the upcoming Nat King Cole album Re: Generations. Shortly thereafter I heard this. And it sounds amazing. I was surprised how much they left Nat King Cole in touch. It is a true homage to him, while still managing to appeal to a new generation of [...]

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Nat King Cole – Re: Generations

DOPE! Cee Lo, Nas, Cut Chemist, Brazillian Girls, and probably a host of others all getting down with Nat King Cole as if they were in the studio together. Should be a really interesting project. I won’t go into too many details, because the video does a good job of explaining it. But, I will [...]

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The World According to Deez: MCs in ’08

Here we go again… Sean Deez from Kevin Nottingham’s site is a good friend, so we decided to help him spread his opinion (which do not necessarily reflect Vinyl Meltdown’s opinion, but is generally well-informed) about 2008 in hip hop. Last time was producers, this time it’s MCs. Anyways, I know present you the world [...]

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