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Drake – Still Fly Remix

A couple of days late on this one. But I thought I should still put it out there, just because I’ve been listening for a while now. I don’t even get it, it sounds like all the stuff I don’t like, and doesn’t sound like any of the stuff I do. But for some reason, [...]

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If only the Doc’s car was Hot Pink

Ok, so there’s this remix of Britney Spears that was supposed to be an official remix, but it didn’t fit in the time frame that it was supposed to, and so it got scrapped. Except the song was finished, and it now exists and is floating around the interwebs. And who am I to deny [...]

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Now til 69 – Mirwais Remix

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly. I have been moving, packing, flying, and catching up with people. Its been hectic. I managed to go see Autorock, and while I’m not quite ready to publish my post about that night, I am ready to share on the picture set. So. Now that that’s out of [...]

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Madvillainy 2?

Ok… so unless you know what’s up, you’re probably just as confused as I was when I saw this… No. This is not the highly anticipated follow up album to 2004′s brilliant MF DOOM and Madlib collaboration album that seems to top everyone’s top 10s. However, it is new material… errr old material in a [...]

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